Here at Starlite Hosting we host websites from small, medium, and large businesses as well as personal websites.

Our objective is not to bring you “cheap” webhosting but to bring “VALUED SERVICE”. Valued Service is harder to find, cheap hosting, well, that you can find anywhere.  Sure there are tons of those out there, plus how do you compete in price with the “Go Daddy’s” of the world? Well you do by giving people value, value in service and that is what we do.  When someone is your client, whether through hosting, consulting, or purchasing a service, we succeed by listening to what our clients want.  Our business is making your business, service, enterprise, or whatever project you have, run as hassle free as possible. 

What we offer is great packages priced reasonable, backed by great customer service.  When we say Unlimited Email and Databases, what we are saying is; that this is your account, you get x amount of disk space and bandwidth. What you can fit into it is based on your needs and your business frankly. It is like renting an apartment, the landlord doesn’t tell you how many couches, chairs or beds you can have. Well at least we hope not! If you need more room you rent a bigger apartment, or in this case upgrade your account, which is cheaper then renting an apartment BTW.

We will not lie to you or promise you something we cannot deliver. In maintaining the Starlite Hosting tradition, we pride ourselves on giving the customer excellent prices, excellent service and honest answers to your questions. We provide the solution you need only, unlike so many places that will only offer you what they want to sell you. We will help you to weigh the pro and cons of our plans or a custom plan without spending money for nothing.

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